Types of Lending

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Tailored Lending Solutions.

We understand that your lending requirements will vary depending on your investment strategy. Structured Property Finance can tailor a lending solution specifically to your needs.

Structured Property Finance can assist in the arranging of finance for both investment and development across all real estate asset classes including residential, industrial, retail and office.

Our relationships with Australia’s major banks and institutional lenders allows us to source funding for both purchase and refinance together with analysis of the suitability of existing funding arrangements to deliver better outcomes.

Our services include the provision of;

  • Senior Debt
  • Mezzanine Funding
  • Equity Funding
  • Bridging Facilities
  • Fund Through
  • Assisting with Annual reviews
  • Finance Tender

Some transactions can readily be set with a single lender due to an existing relationship  whilst others would be better tendered to a number of lenders to seek the most competitive terms . Our sole aim is to deliver the most suitable overall funding package. This is not just in terms of interest rate margin but rather across a range of parameters including, loan to value ratios, loan term, lending conditions and ability to deliver on time.

Lending appetites and loan conditions vary broadly and are constantly changing and as such there is no “one right lender ” for all circumstances and your individual objectives will not be the same as others.

Our philosophy is to get the right deal every time.